Lawn Care

Grass Seed

How soon can my pet or children go on the lawn after seeding Golfgreen Grass Seed products? Is it safe for my pets?

What are the reasons why grass seed would not germinate?

When is the best time seed my lawn?

How long after seeding can I mow the lawn and use fertilizer?

Can I seed my lawn in the spring?

Why is it not always a good idea to seed my lawn in the middle of the summer?

Why did I get weeds after planting your grass seed?

Can I store my grass seed in my unheated shed over the winter? Will it last more than one season?

Lawn Fertilizer & Lawn Repair

What spreader setting should I have this at if I am not using your spreader?

Will this fertilizer harm my pets or children?

How long after applying the fertilizer can we go back on the lawn?

How do I prevent my lawn from being burnt by fertilizer?

How do I fix my lawn after I burned it?

Garden Care

Soils & Mixes

Is your soil sterilized?

Do your soils contain any Bio-Solids?

Should I be using Mulch in my vegetable garden?

Does this product expire or go bad?

What is in the product?

Plant Food & Garden Fertilizer

What is the shelf life of your water soluble fertilizer?

Is your product safe for my pets?

Can I apply this more often then the label recommends?

Is it organic?