Keep Your Lawn Out of the Weeds

Keep Your Lawn Out of the Weeds

Weeds are a common annoyance for lawns everywhere. These invading species can make a lush lawn lose its lustre by robbing your grass of nutrients from soil and fighting for sunlight. The struggle is real, but there are things you can do to tip the scales in your lawn’s favour.

The best defense to discourage weed growth is nurturing a denser root system and denser growth. When your lawn is large and in charge, it doesn’t give weeds a chance to flourish.


Time to Rescue Your Fescue

The best time to implement your weed squashing strategy is in early spring, just after thaw. By getting ahead of the problem, you can ensure a healthy lawn for the season. After your lawn’s first cut of the year, you’re ready to get started.

Apply fertilizer before weeds begin to sprout. As a general rule, this is around the time when the forsythia, daffodils, and early spring bulbs are blooming in your garden. By getting out there before weeds do, you’ll only be feeding your lawn, and not any unwanted guests. This makes your lawn thicker and healthier to resist them.


Get the Weeds Out

Our best product for optimal early spring feeding is Golfgreen® Bio-Weed & Feed 9-0-0. It prevents weeds most common to Canadian lawns like dandelions, large and smooth crabgrass, and white clover. Plus, because it promotes a greener, thicker lawn, Golfgreen® Bio-Weed & Feed helps you get even more of a leg up on pesky weeds.



Keep the Weeds Out

Another great weed-prevention strategy is to re-seed each year with a species that, in and of itself, can prevent weed growth. Try Golfgreen® NITROGROW Weed Defense – a grass seed that actually prevents the germination and growth of weeds. It grows grass called an allelopathic cultivar that releases a natural inhibitor into the environment around them. This seed is typically planted every year in late summer and is a must-have addition to your long-term weed defense strategy.


Weeds are a major nuisance that can affect any lawn, but with a solid plan of prevention, including the right products applied at the right time, you can enjoy a weed-free lawn all year long.



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