GOLFGREEN® NITROGROW Sun & Shade Weed Defense, 1-0-0, 1.4-kg
GOLFGREEN® NITROGROW Sun & Shade Weed Defense, 1-0-0, 1.4-kg

GOLFGREEN® NITROGROW GRASS SEED + FEED WEED DEFENSE Premium Grass Seed Nitrogen-Enriched to naturally inhibit weed growth.



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Premium grass seed treated with nutrients and a nitrogen complex applied directly to each seed to deliver extreme growth for a that beautiful and lush lawn.

Delivers 3X Faster Growth for a consistently healthy, thick, green and weed-free lawn.

Guaranteed to grow with visible results in 7 days, giving you the results you're looking for fast.

Improved ability to withstand of tough seasonal conditions such as cold, hot, wet, and dry conditions.

Grows a stronger root system to absorb more water and nutrients for healthier grass.

Contains grass seed ideal for sunny or shaded area and provides natural insect repellency.

Formulated to produce allelopathic substances which provide a natural barrier for your lawn and prevents the growth and germination of weeds and is disease resistant.

Made in Canada

Apply mid-spring when soil temperatures warm up, or mid -August to late September.

Max germination occurs between 10° C (50° F) and 25° C (77° F) as cool spring weather and freezing temperatures will delay germination and growth.

Rake the soil and remove debris and rocks. Add Golfgreen lawn soil and apply seed evenly with a spreader. Rake area to ensure seed-to-soil contact.

Water daily with a light spray, keeping the seedbed moist until the first mowing. Do not mow lawn until grass reaches 7 cm (3 ") in height. Do not treat for weeds until after third mowing.

Apply Golfgreen Lawn Fertilizer 6 to 8 weeks after grass appears.