GOLFGREEN® 1Step Lawn Fertilizer, 9-kg
GOLFGREEN® 1Step Lawn Fertilizer, 9-kg

GOLFGREEN® 1STEP All Season Lawn Fertilizer is specially formulated to deliver a golf course quality lawn all season.



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Save time and effort with only one application

Reduces surge growth so you mow less often

Contains 80% slow-release nitrogen, feeding grass for 6 months

Guaranteed burn proof*

Guaranteed to grow

Made in Canada

For best results, mix package before pouring into a spreader.

For even coverage, always use a fertilizer spreader. Do not apply by hand.

Fill spreader on driveway or sidewalk to avoid spilling fertilier on lawn. Sweep fertilizer off sidewalks and re-distribute on your lawn.

Apply in two passes - each pass at a right angle to the other and don't forget to close the spreader when stopping or turning.

Water lightly after fertilier application unless light rain is expected.

Follow the full instructions on packaging.