GOLFGREEN® 1Step Touch Up Grass Seed, 2-kg
GOLFGREEN® 1Step Touch Up Grass Seed, 2-kg

GOLFGREEN® 1STEP TOUCH UP is designed to make lawn repair easy and is ideal for repairing bare spots and thinned areas. 



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Ideal for sunny or moderately shady areas.

The optimal premixed blend of mulch, grass seed and fertilizer provide the building blocks to quickly grow healthy grass.

Contains premium seed for quick germination, mulch for water retention and micronutrients, and fertilizer for quick green up.

Guaranteed to grow.

Made in Canada

Apply in mid-Spring, late summer or early fall when soil temperatures have warmed as freezing temperatures will delay germination and growth.

Maximum germination occurs between 10° C (50° F) and 25° C (77° F).

This product contains manganese and zinc and should be used only as recommended.

Follow the instructions on packaging.