GOLFGREEN® Fall Lawn Fertilizer, 6-kg
GOLFGREEN® Fall Lawn Fertilizer, 6-kg

GOLFGREEN® FALL LAWN FERTILIZER has an advanced slow-release feed technology with a winterizer formula that helps improve resistance to cold winter weather drought and disease.



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30% of total nitrogen is slow release to help your grass stay greener longer

Nourishes your lawn for a deep, long-lasting green

Reduces surge growth so you mow less often

Reduces nitrogen runoff

Phosphate free—reducing impact on lakes and streams

Guaranteed burn proof*

Guaranteed to grow

N-P-K ratio 12-0-18

Made in Canada

For even coverage, always use a fertilizer spreader.

For best results, mix package before pouring into spreader.

Do not apply by hand.

Close spreader when stopping or turning.

Fill spreader on driveway or sidewalk to avoid spilling fertilizer on lawn. Sweep fertilizer off sidewalks and driveways.

Apply in two passes—each pass at right angles to the other.

Follow the full instructions on packaging.