GOLFGREEN® NITROGROW Lawn Insect Defense Grass Seed, 1-0-0, 1.5-kg
GOLFGREEN® NITROGROW Lawn Insect Defense Grass Seed, 1-0-0, 1.5-kg

GOLFGREEN® NITROGROW GRASS SEED + FEED INSECT DEFENSE Premium Grass Seed is nitrogen-enriched to naturally repel insects that can damage your lawn.



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Premium grass seed treated with nutrients and a nitrogen complex applied directly to each seed to deliver extreme growth for a that beautiful and lush lawn.

Delivers 3X Faster Growth for a consistently healthy, thick, green and weed-free lawn.

Guaranteed to grow with visible results in 7 days, giving you the results you're looking for fast.

Improved ability to withstand of tough seasonal conditions such as cold, hot, wet, and dry conditions.

Grows a stronger root system to absorb more water and nutrients for healthier grass.

Contains grass seed ideal for sunny or shaded area and provides natural insect repellency.

Formulated to repel lawn-eating insects naturally by increasing endophytes which are contained inside the blades of grass and insects find distatsteful.

Made in Canada

Apply mid-spring when soil temperatures warm up, or mid -August to late September.

Max germination occurs between 10° C (50° F) and 25° C (77° F) as cool spring weather and freezing temperatures will delay germination and growth.

Rake the soil and remove debris and rocks. Add Golfgreen lawn soil and apply seed evenly with a spreader. Rake area to ensure seed-to-soil contact.

Water daily with a light spray, keeping the seedbed moist until the first mowing. Do not mow lawn until grass reaches 7 cm (3 ") in height. Do not treat for weeds until after third mowing.

Apply Golfgreen Lawn Fertilizer 6 to 8 weeks after grass appears.